Arthur & Henry                                                         Organic Cotton. Fair Trade Cotton. Ethical. Beautiful.
We believe that every man needs a good shirt and so we founded Arthur & Henry to provide beautiful, ethical, men's shirts
So who the blithering dandy are we?  What's more, why on earth, of all the things we could be doing are we making shirts all day rather than swanning about on the Riviera? *deep breath* Well...
Clare Lissaman
Chief Herder of Geeks and Boffins
Clare has worked as a consultant on ethical and fair trade issues, mainly in textiles, for over 10 years.  She continues her tradition of bossing her little brother Mark around at Arthur & Henry.
Mark Lissaman
Chief Geek
Mark has a background in working in hi-tech IT companies and has a personal, as well as now a professional, interest in environmental issues.  He remains convinced that older sister Clare got more pocket money.
Sreeranga Rajan
Chief Shirt Boffin
Think you know a thing or two about shirts?  Think again.  Sreeranga has a degree in textiles engineering and an MBA from the London Business School. He is passionate about combating the negative impact of the fashion industry.
Fantastic People. We've been helped by:
Sury Bagenal – Fashion Designer extraordinaire
Chantal Freeman – Graphic Designer par excellence
Jo Moulds – PR and Marketing guru
Emma Ellis-Jones – Merchandising supremo
John Lissaman – Head Honcho for important forms
Arthur Lissaman
Arthur is dead.  
He was our great-grandfather and a man we’d both liked to have met (vicariously we did through using his tools, engraved with his initials AL as we grew up).  An entrepreneur. 
Henry is also dead.  
Actually our granddad died quite a while ago but while he was alive he wore shirts.  In fact we’re told he wore one every day (even when digging coal out of the ground with his hands - we hate to think of the washing).  
Arthur and Henry both lived in an age where a shirt was both an every day item of clothing, and something special to be looked after.  Holes darned, cuffs reversed & collars starched.  We don’t yearn for a rose tinted past, but we take inspiration from it.  An era when men dressed just that little bit smarter and clothes were made to last.
Our shirts are good shirts.  They are well made.  We haven’t cut corners.   They are good for the environment made with organic cotton.  They are good for the people who’ve had a hand in making them, from farmer to factory worker, weaver to dyer.
We believe that every man needs a good shirt and so we founded Arthur & Henry to provide beautiful, ethical, men's shirts.