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Sherbert Orange Linen Shirt

Sold out.



Orange Linen?  It's not exactly "the man from Del Monte" is it.  But that's the point.  Think 1982.  Think Antigua.  Think Duran Duran's Rio video...  "Her name was Rio and she dances on the sand, Just like that river twisting through a dusty land"

Oh yes! Musical and Fashion *gold dust*.

And remember if you don't iron it that's not being lazy just being environmentally friendly.

Shirts in our Flash Sale may be out of original packaging, end of line or we just feel like having a bit of a clear out.  They are exactly the same shirts as we sell normally and of course if you are welcome to return them.  Limited sizes available, while stocks last.
  • 100% linen
  • Coconut shell buttons
  • Vegetable dyed 
  • Cool wash alone or with other dark clothes 
  • Fit & Sizing (opens in new tab/window)