White - Easy To Iron
White - Easy To Iron White - Easy To Iron


It's organic and also officially* easy to iron.  There's not a lot to dislike about our easy iron shirt.  Perfect for business trips and long days.  Not too bad when you are staying at home and sneaking off early either.

Slimmer fitting through the body (but still fine for the less svelte amongst us)

Shirts in our Sale may be out of original packaging, end of line or we just feel like having a bit of a clear out.  They are exactly the same shirts as we sell normally and of course if you are welcome to return them.  Limited sizes available, while stocks last.
  • organic cotton
  • single cuff
*The technical bit: officially ETI (easy to iron) with 3.25 DP rating. Normally you can only get easy-to-iron fabrics through applying lots of chemicals to the fabric but our clever suppliers have found a greener way.