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Easy to Iron Shirts

Opinions are divided at Arthur & Henry over ironing.  Clare claims to enjoy it.  The rest of us think she's crazy.  But there's no denying we all like a crisp, well ironed shirt. Back when our dad wore kipper ties and flappy collars to work (along with a great 'tache)...

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A Few Days in Amsterdam Part 2: Shopping

Amsterdam may be renowned for its *cough* "coffee" shops. And certainly there was a sweet smell in the air in certain parts of the city. But also has super stylish shops.  We confess, we didn't get a lot of time for shopping. But we did get to peer through the...

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A Few Days in Amsterdam: Part 1 Fashion for Good

We were privileged recently to spend a few days working at the Fashion for Good center in Amsterdam.   Housed in a beautiful old building in the centre of Amsterdam and funded by the C&A Foundation, Fashion for Good is an exhibition space, a shared office space, a business incubator...

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