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Fashion Revolution Week - Behind the Scenes of Shirtmaking

As Fashion Revolution Week comes to a close we take a peek behind the scenes of the making of Arthur & Henry shirts.

One of the fabulous tailors who make our Fairtrade organic Oxford shirts.

cutting fabric for a men's shirt

Cutting fabric.  Bandsaws take some skill to use.  And can be dangerous.  Note the metal mesh glove protecting the hand that moves the fabric.  Just in case of a slip.  Or a moment's lapse in attention

sewing a buttonhole

Making a buttonhole.  Cunningly the actual operation is hidden behind his arm.  Top secret skills and all that. 

ironing parts for shirt making

Ironing parts.  Yes all the little bits have to be ironed, not just the finished shirt. See how speedy he is, the iron is just a blur.  Rather like us when we iron. Not.




Do you know how to identify well-made clothes?

Here at Arthur & Henry we're all about a well made shirt.  So it's good to see others writing about quality fabric, decent seams and more stitches per inch. 

Sadly now that cheap thin fabric and badly overlocked hems have become the norm on the high street we fear that too many people have no longer any experience of what decent quality looks like.


A secret London lunch spot

Here’s a top tip for you.  Should you find yourself hungry in central London at lunch time you could of course settle in in one of the many fine restaurants the capital has on offer.  Or pick up a sandwich or salad in one of the many chain or otherwise sandwich places.
But, tucked away on a small street off Oxford Street is a mighty fine south Indian* restaurant by name of Rasa.  They will happily sit you at a table covered in fine linen and wait on you and I highly recommend that you do indeed eat in at one of their fine establishments.
However they also offer a ‘lunch box’.  And gloriously you can take their lunch box and eat it upstairs in the spacious upstairs room of their very own restaurant.  And all this for a fiver.  Rice, dal, curry, side dish, paratha and a dessert.  Bargain.
*You know our penchant for all things Indian. After all our wonderful organic cotton men's shirts are made in South India.

Shine your shoes like a soldier

Some years back, when he was but a lad, our Mark spent many happy hours running around in the mud as part of the CCF.  (That's Combined Cadet Force to those not au fait with the acronym.)

Starting as a fresh faced thirteen year old he rose through the ranks and by the end of his schooldays had some stripes on his shoulder.  Mind you, as his best man said at his wedding, "his men followed him mainly out of curiosity to see where he was going".

Alongside night manoeuvres and rifle practice there was an awful lot of messing around with kit, and parades and, of course, inspection.  Shiny boots a must have.

That shoe polishing perfection has, ahem, gotten a little rusty over the years, so good to find this handy guide from the Art of Manliness:

How To Shine Your Shoes Like A Solider

Black & White London

Staircase at the Tate Britain art gallery. Part of the 2013 renovation by Caruso St John
stairs at Tate Britain
Staple Inn, Holborn.  One of the few Tudor (though heavily restored) buildings in London. It pre-dates the Great Fire.
Barristers' names listed outside their Chambers
Pub sign

Fashion Revolution Day 2016

On the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,300 garment workers, the call for a Fashion Revolution is getting ever stronger.  A different fashion industry is needed, one that respects rather than exploits garment workers. 

Transparency is the starting point, knowing who makes our clothes.  At Arthur & Henry we're proud to know the famers who grow most of our cotton

The men and women who make our Fairtrade organic men's shirts...

We Made Your Clothes: Arthur & Henry tailors

And a couple of the fine chaps who make the rest of our organic cotton and linen men's shirts...

We Made Your Clothes: Fashion Revolution, Arthur & Henry tailors

We salute them all.  They are marvellous.


Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

Ah blogs.  Started with such good intentions and then somehow months go by without a single post.  Rather like our teenage diaries.

Anyway, here we are.  Christmas is long gone and it's Fairtrade Fortnight once again.  

We've got in some new shirts.  They are mainly being photographed and getting ready for presentation but we've taken some snaps ourselves of the new colour Fairtrade organic shirt (it's a gorgeous grey-ey, green-ey blue) and popped it up for sale now during Fairtrade Fortnight.


Our Fairtrade organic cotton shirts are all made with cotton grown by the farmers of the Pratima Organic farming group in Odisha, India.