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"The Sales" - the good and the bad.

Remember the days when a Sale really was a Sale?  (If you are under 30 and living in the western hemisphere you may not actually remember those days.)

Back in the day when Arthur and Henry were young 'uns a Sale was a a way of clearing out old stock.  Reducing those things that for one reason or another hadn't quite sold as well as expected.  Creating some space for new stock.  

So Sales were full of excitement.  They didn't come round very often and you didn't quite know what you would find.  Usually just a few things in odd sizes.  Hopefully your size.  A true bargain.

Nowadays things seem to get reduced before they've even started to be sold.  The Christmas Sales start in in October.  Retailers set the price goods knowing that most of them will be sold at a reduced price.

We don't think this is good for anyone.  The price of our shirts reflects their quality, the cost of the fabric, the costs of what it takes to get them made.  They're not cheap, but we think they are good value.  And we try to create classic shirts that can be worn all months of the year, year on year.  

However....we have just a few shirts left in some styles, plus some photo samples and some shirts that are no longer in their original packaging so are clearing the shelves.  The old fashioned way.


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