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Organic Grooming Week: Green People

OK, so the Soil Association calls this week, part of the Organic September celebrations, organic beauty week.  But we're men, and surely men do grooming not beauty. 

Mind you, as Arthur was born in the 1860s and Henry in the 1910s they probably did carbolic soap, a tin bath once a week in front of the fire and a rough towel.

But in the 21st century, metrosexual or not, a spot of a shampoo and a dab of moisturiser does come in handy every once in a while.  Not to mention shower gel, soap and deodorant.  Scent free.  Hurrah. (We never were convinced by the [insert brand with big ad budget here] effect.)

So how lucky that there are some great organic brands meaning you can look good without destroying the planet.

A driving force behind getting actual standards for organic beauty products, Green People have brilliant products, high in organic ingredients, no synthetic ingredients, which will leave your hair squeaky clean and your skin super soft.   Check out their full collection for men here.

And they've offered Arthur & Henry customers and readers a brilliant 20% off until 19th September with code GPHOMME.  Valid on any products not just the mens range.  So buy for yourself or for the women in your life.

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