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Organic Grooming Week: Odylique by Essential-Care

There comes a time when even the manliest of manly men needs a little bit of TLC.  

Whether it's a balm to soothe razor sore skin

a purifying wash


or just good old soap

The mother and daughter team (and we do like a family business) behind Odylique by Essential-Care have been making award winning organic skincare for 30 years.  In the glorious county of Suffolk*.  As they say "organic products don't mean compromising on performance as long as they are formulated well".

Good for people. Good for the plant.  Good for you.  Rather like your Arthur & Henry organic cotton shirt.

To celebrate Organic September they are offering Arthur & Henry customers and readers a whopping 20% off any of their products with code ORGBE14. Suitable for men, women and children. 


*We're such big fans of Suffolk that Mark just moved there.

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