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Monsieur London speaks...

Arthur & Henry are rip roaringly pleased to be popping up next week at Monsieur London. But how did this come about?  Valentin Goux, one of the monsieurs, explains.

It’s all about values isn’t it?
A few months ago, we opened our first store in the Royal Opera Arcade. A big step forward for a young brand like us. We spent two weeks painting, refurbishing, and cleaning the place before the grand opening.
Then, we bought two mannequins, created a nice display, and welcomed our first clients. But something was missing, and we did not know exactly what it was.
Then we eventually found out: the mannequins were naked. And even with their beautiful wood and our awesome accessories, it was odd.
So we started to look for someone who could dress them. A shirt brand who would fit into our quality oriented atmosphere. One who would share our values of sustainable fashion, of promoting quality and consuming less but better. All the things that we stand for… It had to be Arthur & Henry!
To start with, their shirts are well fitted, the designs are nice, and on top of that, it’s all ethically produced.
Following this successful association, we decided to invite Arthur & Henry in our Royal Opera Arcade store for a little Christmas popup.
They answered very positively, and we will be delighted to host this wonderful and seasonal event from the 2nd to the 7th of December. We certainly hope to see many of you at the grand opening night, Tuesday the 2nd from 6pm.
As we are extremely French, there will be wine.
Valentin Goux

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