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Organic cotton beats conventional cotton hands down.

Imagine if you will a boxing ring. On the one side, conventionally grown cotton: big, domineering with massive corporate sponsorship and support from governments. On the other, organic cotton: small, the underdog.  What are they fighting for? The planet.

And guess what, the underdog of Organic Cotton beats the beast of Conventional Cotton hands down, according to a new report from Textile Exchange.

The life cycle assessment study was based on data from producer groups located in the top five countries of organic cotton cultivation; India, China, Turkey, Tanzania and the United States which account for 97% of global organic cotton production.

They found that, compared with conventional cotton, organic cotton had:

  • 46% reduced global warming potential

  • 70% less acidification potential

  • 26% reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion)

  • 91% reduced blue water consumption

  • 62% reduced primary energy demand 

So that's a stonking win for organic cotton then.  Wear your Arthur & Henry shirt with pride.
See the full report at Textile Exchange.

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