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Ethical Gifts for Children

Whilst we're not members of the 'Christmas is all about the children' brigade (we're rather partial to a mince pie, a ginger wine and a carol or two ourselves) we do appreciate that the childhood magic of Christmas is rather special.  Especially the stocking.  

And the glittering presents under the tree.  (Less so the boring adult conversation at the table and being dragged out for a brisk walk.)

So Arthur and Henry have put their heads together with a few eco, ethical ideas for the little ankle biters/darlings (delete as appropriate). 

Crafts go down well, and Fair and Funky has some good choices



Paper chain kit £3, Christmas printing blocks £1.50 each


Dress the little blighters in Frugi's scrumptious organic cotton clothes 

PJ's£26, Fleece £32


This bus, £49, from fair trade specialists Traidcraft would be a perfect present from an indulgent auntie, uncle or grandparent.  (There's also a fire engine and a farmyard.)



Take them on a journey with a world atlas, £9.99 from Amnesty


Give them classic Christmas books, The Dark is Rising & The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Order online at The Hive and they'll be delivered to your local bookshop who will also get a percentage of the sale.


They may never eat Turkish Delight again though.

It's also worth checking out Jen Gale's delightful blog My Make Do and Mend Year for inspiration and suggestions of things to do, make and give that don't involved buying new things.  

(We're all for Reduce, Reuse, Recyle, though we do think men need a good new shirt every now and then.  One that will last.)

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