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Fairtrade Cotton Men's Shirts

Drum roll please, for today, on the second day of Fairtrade Fortnight, Arthur & Henry are proud to announce the launch of our Fairtrade cotton shirts.  (Fairtrade and organic cotton to be precise.)   


Here at Arthur & Henry towers we are normally a modest bunch, taking a quiet inner pride in our daily achievements.  But we're rather pleased about this.

For starters, the shirts are really rather splendid.  (Our photographers liked them so much that they want to buy some. And they see a lot of clothes.)  Made from a not too heavy, not too light, garment dyed Oxford weave, they will age beautifully.  (Just don't wash the navy one with your whites.)  

And then there are the cotton farmers.  They are from Balangir, in rural Odisha (the Indian state formerly known as Orissa).

Some of the Pratima Farmers group receiving training


We'll be writing more about the farmers, and indeed more about Fairtrade, during the rest of Fairtrade Fortnight.  Their lives are hard.  But Fairtrade is giving them hope, along with a fair price for the cotton.

It's been quite a journey for all us of us to get to being able to share these fine shirts with you.  Time for a nice cup of Fairtrade tea we think.



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