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Red Roundup for Red Nose Day

Today is a red trouser day indeed.  We are committing to giving £15 for every shirt sold today, Red Nose Day, to Comic Relief.  Feel good shopping if you like.  You get a nice shirt, Comic Relief get a bit more dosh.  What's not to like?

Our shirts don't come in red (yet), but here's a red roundup from some of our ethical menswear friends:

Dashing Tweeds

Dashing Tweeds Brigadine. Designed by Alice Burkit, woven in Scotland, quilted in Cornwall and stitched together in Northwest London. £785

If that's not for you then how about one of their Lumatwill caps (reflects in the dark, useful when cycling). Made in Yorkshire using Lumatwill tweed woven in Scotland.  £60
Dashing Tweeds lumatwill cap

Right, here's a joke for Red Nose Day......

Q. What's long and wet and red?  
A. Firehose

Hmm, maybe we'll leave the jokes to the professionals, but we'll be carrying and wearing brilliant bags and belts made from re-used old firehose by Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse firehose messenger bag
Messenger Bag £205
Elvise & Kresse firehose belt
Belt £41


It's not all about what's on show though.  Underthings in organic and Fairtrade cotton from Pants to Poverty

Pants to Poverty red boxersPants to Poverty red boxersPants to Poverty red briefs

£16                                            £19                                       £15

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