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Selvedge on Menswear

The recent edition of Selvedge, the wonderful textiles magazine, is a veritable treasure trove for lovers of menswear.

How on earth did we not already know about The Vintage Showroom, showcasing 20th century workwear?  Given that Arthur was a greengrocer and Henry a coal miner we'll definitely be heading to Covent Garden to see if they have any examples of the kind of clothes they would have worn.

The Vintage Showroom

More on workwear in a piece by Nicola Donovan on the rise of work-wear as high fashion: 'clothes designed with care, made from beautiful cloth.'

work wear to high fashion; slow fashion

And a fascinating look at the quintessential American lumberjack shirt - the Pendleton.

Pendleton shirt

It's not all workwear though.  There's a feature on Savile Row tailor Kathryn Sargent (let's hear it for women working in menswear)...

...a look at the Tweed Run - an annual cycle ride where everyone wears tweed.  (The illustration is by Leni Kauffman.)....

The Tweed Run

...a glimpse into a trade magazine, the Tailor & Cutter that was 'once so well known that Beatrix Potter had a mouse reading it on the cover of The Tailor of Gloucester' which was published from 1866 to 1972....

The Tailor & Cutter

...and for those who like to make as well as wear, instructions on how to make a bow tie.  

how to make a bow tie

Selvedge Magazine can be bought online.  We highly recommend taking out a subscription.

Amy Fleuriot
Jess Decelle
Nicola Donovan
Eric Musgrave
Diana Wolf

Photographers / Illustrators:
Leni Kauffman
Jess Decelle
Scott Wishart
Frederick Warne & Co
Richard Nicholson


  • It’s a gorgeous magazine and they will be happy to sell you copy! Definitely worth it.

  • I want a copy!

    Jonathan Mitchell

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