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Rana Plaza factory collapse

We have been watching the tragic events in Bangladesh, where a building containing four garment factories collapsed last week, in horror. Because this was an entirely preventable tragedy.

Greed, corruption, poor business management and planning (by both western retailers and local factory management) that puts pressure on factories and workers to deliver to unrealistic targets and prices, all play their part.

Here at Arthur & Henry we are proud that are shirts are made in India.  They are made in just one factory in Bangalore in south India.  We are proud of this because our tailors have come from poor backgrounds.   Work, decent work, in which they are paid fairly, not forced to work excessive overtime, have a safe working environment, are able to progress up the ranks and gain skills, has transformed their lives and that of their families.

They seem to like working for us too...

"The attention and the care that Arthur and Henry team take to create new products are really unheard of  and we are thrilled to get engaged with a brand that is serious about the art of making shirts and not doing run off the mill products. We are so involved in the process that it is liking coming from our own womb and not 'ordered' by somebody to produce shirts cheaply without any care for the finer details of shirt making."
Albert Anbu - Production Incharge for small runs 
(We also love Indian English "Production Incharge" isn't that just a wonderful job title.)

Our shirts are made of the highest quality organic cotton by people treated decently and paid a fair wage.  They're also beautiful.

We think all business should be like this. 

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