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£15 to the Clean Clothes Campaign

Clean Clothes Campaign

Like you we like a bargain.  A nice sale.  A cheeky discount code.  

But unless you've been under a rock you can't have failed to notice that over 1,000 people, mainly garment workers, just died in a building collapse in Bangladesh.  The worst disaster in the history of the garment industry.

Arthur & Henry shirts are made in decent conditions.  We think all workers deserve the same.

So for her birthday our co-founder Clare asked Arthur (and Henry) if we could give £15 from every shirt sale to the Clean Clothes Campaign, an amazing organisation that's working really hard to improve conditions in the global garment industry.  

"Since 1989, the CCC has worked to help ensure that the fundamental rights of workers are respected. We educate and mobilise consumers, lobby companies and governments, and offer direct solidarity support to workers as they fight for their rights and demand better working conditions."
It's the Clean Clothes Campaign who, together with local and international unions, drew together the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement that we've seen significant retailers sign up to in recent days.  

(They're an organisation that works on a shoestring.  We've seen their expenses policy and trust us, if MPs followed it, there'd be a heck of a lot more money for the NHS.  But they still have some costs and they have to be paid for.)

So sorry, no saving in your pocket this time.   But hopefully the opportunity for a brighter future for others.

Offer runs 17-24th May
Donation is on top of our commitment to giving 1% of turnover to charity each year.

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