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How does your garden grow?

 Any gardeners out there?  How do you cope with the onslaught of slugs and snails?

As you know, we're big fans of organic growing but there are times......

Two courgettes, two tomatoes, one chilli - planted, demolished overnight.  Pea shoot came up and then pow.....munched.

Two more courgettes, two more tomatoes, one more chilli, thyme, parsley - the tomatoes have (touch wood) survived but everything else...chomped to bits.  Copper rings protected for a bit but not long.  Nematodes seem to have had no effect.

Beer, eggshells, coffee grounds - hah, these are tough inner city beasties, they drink the beer and sneer at sharp objects.

What the slugs and snails leave the neighbour's cats have dug up.  So there goes the rocket and the salad leaves.

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