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Wool Week 2013

There's nothing worse than a chilly neck is there?  Well maybe there are a few things worse, but this Wool Week we're helping you stay toasty and warm by giving you a very special price on our current fair trade scarfs before the new collection arrives.  
100% wool, soft, warm and yours for just £35.
They are handwoven by the amazing Panchachuli Women Weavers Co-operative in the Himalayas.
In 1997 a handful of village women were trained in weaving and dreamt it would lead them to a better life of social and economic empowerment.   Now there are more than 800 women involved in the co-operative, which provides them with a decent income and has transformed their lives. 
We love them not just for their skill, passion and colour but also because they weave to the highest quality.  Watch this space for more information on the processes of selecting the wool, dyeing and weaving when our new collection arrives.  (Can you tell we're excited about these scarfs?) 

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