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A Few Days in Amsterdam Part 2: Shopping

Amsterdam may be renowned for its *cough* "coffee" shops. And certainly there was a sweet smell in the air in certain parts of the city. But also has super stylish shops. 
We confess, we didn't get a lot of time for shopping. But we did get to peer through the windows on Utrechtsestraat and see what the stylish Amsterdam chap is wearing this summer.
Men's clothing shop Amsterdam
Menswear shop Utrechtsestraat Amsterdam
mens shoe shop Utrechtsestraat Amsterdam
We are suckers for a nice bit of orange typeface
Menswear shop Amsterdam
Yes, we know it's not clothes but look...cheese.  Lovely cheese.
cheese shop Amsterdam
In the very stylish and carefully curated Droog shop we were delighted to spot these fantastic blazers from Afriek - hand cut and crafted by tailors in Rwanda.
Afriek blazers on sale in Droog shop Amsterdam
We stumbled across a shop that seemed made just for us...
Bloke Amsterdam gifts for men
Last but by no means least, Amsterdam also has some super and stylish ethical clothing and sustainable fashion shops.  Photographic evidence of these have we not, but if you're visiting Amsterdam check out:
And whilst we're on the subject of Dutch ethical fashion shops, they may not have a physical shop but Good Fibrations have a most excellent collection of sustainable clothing for men and women available online.  And yes, Arthur & Henry may just be one of the brands they stock.

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