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A secret London lunch spot

Here’s a top tip for you.  Should you find yourself hungry in central London at lunch time you could of course settle in in one of the many fine restaurants the capital has on offer.  Or pick up a sandwich or salad in one of the many chain or otherwise sandwich places.
But, tucked away on a small street off Oxford Street is a mighty fine south Indian* restaurant by name of Rasa.  They will happily sit you at a table covered in fine linen and wait on you and I highly recommend that you do indeed eat in at one of their fine establishments.
However they also offer a ‘lunch box’.  And gloriously you can take their lunch box and eat it upstairs in the spacious upstairs room of their very own restaurant.  And all this for a fiver.  Rice, dal, curry, side dish, paratha and a dessert.  Bargain.
*You know our penchant for all things Indian. After all our wonderful organic cotton men's shirts are made in South India.

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