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Easy to Iron Shirts

Opinions are divided at Arthur & Henry over ironing.  Clare claims to enjoy it.  The rest of us think she's crazy.  But there's no denying we all like a crisp, well ironed shirt.

Back when our dad wore kipper ties and flappy collars to work (along with a great 'tache) the arrival of the poly-cotton, drip-dry shirt was heralded as a saviour.  But let's face it, they were a bit sweaty.  And felt, well, a bit nasty.

Then came along 100% cotton but still "easy iron" shirts.  Made possible through coating the cotton with chemicals.  Which not only has environmental implications, also often feels nasty.

As Arthur & Henry only use organic cotton we don't really want it drenched in chemicals.  And the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), to which all our fabrics are made, also have strict requirements on the use of chemicals. 

However, drum roll please, our clever fabric mill has found a way to meet the Easy-to-Iron ratings whilst also meeting the GOTS requirements.

Plus the fabric still feels nice.  You know, like cotton should.

If you want the technical bit our Easy-to-Iron shirts have a 3-3.5 DP rating.

Not all our fabric is officially Easy-to-Iron (though with a decent head of steam on the iron none of our shirts should be difficult to iron) but where it is we'll tell you.

You're welcome.



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