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Fashion Revolution Week - Behind the Scenes of Shirtmaking

As Fashion Revolution Week comes to a close we take a peek behind the scenes of the making of Arthur & Henry shirts.

One of the fabulous tailors who make our Fairtrade organic Oxford shirts.

cutting fabric for a men's shirt

Cutting fabric.  Bandsaws take some skill to use.  And can be dangerous.  Note the metal mesh glove protecting the hand that moves the fabric.  Just in case of a slip.  Or a moment's lapse in attention

sewing a buttonhole

Making a buttonhole.  Cunningly the actual operation is hidden behind his arm.  Top secret skills and all that. 

ironing parts for shirt making

Ironing parts.  Yes all the little bits have to be ironed, not just the finished shirt. See how speedy he is, the iron is just a blur.  Rather like us when we iron. Not.




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