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For the Love of Linen

The humble linen shirt - its crumpled comfort is like nothing else, and the Arthur & Henry linen is no ordinary linen. 

We work with an Irish-owned company (turns out the Irish know a thing or two about this stuff) to bring our customers the best linen we could find - spun and woven in India, close to our production hub in Bangalore.  

Linen is one of the oldest and most environmentally friendly fibres in the world - and not just because it takes you circa 50 wears and a grass stain to finally put it in the wash (though less frequent washing does help too). The use of water and pesticides to produce linen is much lower than other shirt fibres so it’s no surprise we are big advocates for a linen shirt being a solid staple for your wardrobe. 

It washes and wears brilliantly as our customers will attest to: 

“I practically live in my A&H linen shirt. On those days when I’m forced to surrender it to the wash, I feel like a hermit crab separated from its shell. How comforting it is to be reunited with my clean shirt, so I can start the crumpling process again. I wonder how far into winter I can wear it?” - David Wakley

What’s more, our navy linen shirts are dyed with a vegetable-based dye and have coconut shell buttons.  Which means you could chop it up and put it in your compost.  But we recommend wearing it out first, which will take some doing. We’ve sold our navy shirt since we launched in 2012 and people are still wearing their first ones.

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Arthur & Henry Striped Linen shirt out for a walk in Greenwich, London

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