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Menswear Monday: plain t-shirts for layering

Last Menswear Monday we looked at great British knitwear to keep you warm in the winter months.  But sometimes we don't want to cover up our lovely Arthur & Henry organic shirts with a jumper. This is where wearing a t-shirt underneath comes in handy.  Top with a jacket and you're sorted.

The White T-Shirt Co has brilliant t-shirts.  Organic cotton and, despite the name, not just in white either.  The quality of the cotton and the consideration taken re cut and sewing make these a cut above your ordinary t-shirts.

A grey t-shirt (£35, beard optional) would present a nice contrast under an Arthur & Henry white Fairtrade Oxford shirt


Or if you prefer a round neck, this white organic t-shirt, £35 would sit well under any of our striped men's shirts


Sometime a bit of colour is required though.  We've long been a fan of Epona Clothing whose t-shirts are all Fairtrade cotton.

Their crew neck t-shirt, £18, comes in ten colours. 

As fans of orange (see our logo) we have our eye on this 'burnt orange' number.  Possible won't pair it with a pink shirt mind you.  Maybe under our favourite blue spot.

orange men's t-shirt in Fairtrade cotton from Epona Clothing

We feature products and brands on Menswear Monday that we have come across that fit our stance of being both stylish and ethical.  We don't get paid for featuring them or get sent products to review.  These are genuinely us just looking around for good things to wear with our shirts!

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