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Organic September - We All Stand Together

“Why are organic bananas never lonely? 
Because they hang around in bunches.”

Joking aside, one of the brilliant things about organic farming in the 21st century is that it’s a collective, collaborative movement.  

Obviously back in the olden days, it was just how people farmed. But now it’s something that, wonderfully, can bring together. For example, a potato farmer in the UK, a supermarket shopper, an Indian smallholder farmer and a chap wearing a proper shirt.

In the UK, the Soil Association has been around since 1946, founded by a group of people who were concerned about the health implications of increasingly intensive farming systems following the Second World War. It campaigns for change, supports farming innovation and farmer-led research and helps to grow the organic market through technical advice and marketing support.

For the Arthur & Henry farmers in the remote Adilabad District of the Indian State of Telangana, being members of Chetna Organic gives them support: through coming together in members’ meetings, through training, through support for buying seeds, for market access and more.

Image above: from the organic cotton farms of Telangana to the shores of New Zealand and the streets of London.

As part of Organic September the Soil Association has shared 30 ways in which you can become part of the movement from learning to acting - read them here.  

Unaccountably they don’t specifically highlight you can do so by buying and wearing an Arthur & Henry organic cotton shirt (20% off during September with code ORGANICSEPTEMBER20) but you can :-)

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