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Shine your shoes like a soldier

Some years back, when he was but a lad, our Mark spent many happy hours running around in the mud as part of the CCF.  (That's Combined Cadet Force to those not au fait with the acronym.)

Starting as a fresh faced thirteen year old he rose through the ranks and by the end of his schooldays had some stripes on his shoulder.  Mind you, as his best man said at his wedding, "his men followed him mainly out of curiosity to see where he was going".

Alongside night manoeuvres and rifle practice there was an awful lot of messing around with kit, and parades and, of course, inspection.  Shiny boots a must have.

That shoe polishing perfection has, ahem, gotten a little rusty over the years, so good to find this handy guide from the Art of Manliness:

How To Shine Your Shoes Like A Solider

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