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Shirts in Suffolk

A Suffolk garden.  A glorious sunny autumn afternoon.  An Arthur & Henry co-founder wearing - of course - an Arthur & Henry shirt.  It was too good an opportunity not to snap some pictures. 

Arthur & Henry organic cotton men's shirt with Landrover Defender

A Landrover Defender makes a good accessory to our William Morris print trim shirt.  (Hat by Private White VC.)

William Morris print trim in cuff

Yup, this is a working shirt.  Not a primped and ironed and styled for a photoshoot shirt.

Arthur & Henry organic cotton men's striped shirt

Our Arthur & Henry organic cotton shirts may be smart enough for city suits but they also work well with waxed jackets, wellies, the outdoors and, er, a beer barrel.  (Doesn't everyone have a beer barrel in their back garden?)

Close up of William Morris print inside collar of Arthur & Henry organic cotton men's shirt

Thumbs up pose in Arthur & Henry organic cotton blue stripe men's shirt

The face of a man who thinks it's time to stop taking photos.








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