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We might be wrong but we think that if you want an ethically produced men’s shirt you are in a bit of a pickle.

A proper shirt that is, with a collar and everything, that you can wear to the office (yawn), or to the pub (smile), or on a date (bigger smile), then we think when you really look into it you'll struggle to track one down.

Until now that is. *blows on fingernails and polishes them on shirt*

We've spent the last year or so toiling away in the lab with the shirt boffins to design and produce some of the most beautiful, ethical men's shirts on the planet. We had two goals for our shirts (you're probably ahead of us here):

    • They had to be beautiful.
    • They had to be ethical.

They're in full production right now, so you'll have to wait and see that they *are* beautiful. But we've seen them and we think they're stunning shirts in every way. (Here's why)

They are also ethical. Good for the planet and good for the people on the planet.

We’ll be launching the shirts soon, and they will be available to buy direct from this website. If you’d like to know more, let us know your email address using the form below and we’ll keep you updated. And yes, we promise not to abuse your trust in us, we will respect your privacy and we will not send you a ton of junk email.

Thanks for reading this far.

Mark, Clare and Ranga