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Our Tailoring

Some things in life are better than others, and just as life is too short for bad wine, we think the same about poorly made shirts.

Our shirts are beautifully made, and we go the extra mile so your shirt will fit that little bit better, last that little bit longer and give you that sense of inner Zen from knowing you’re wearing something special.


The Stitching

Our shirts are sewn with 20 stitches per inch (compared to just 14 or 15 on most other shirts). This gives more compact, elegant seams that resist rucking and make it easier to iron the seams (should you be in a tight spot and are required to iron your own shirt). It also helps make the shirt more durable.


Pattern matching

When we had the drawing room smartly upholstered in a soothing William Morris print, a few years ago "Old Burt", my DIY expert mother-in-law, was really careful to ensure that the pattern matched up from one sheet to the next. We thought why not do the same with our shirts? They are matched on all points such as sleeve, sleeve gauntlet, front placket, collar to body and under collar.


Fused Buttons

There are three ways to fasten a button to a shirt. We use the best and the strongest. Our buttons will never fall off. Well, sure, if you are attacked by a lion or something then *maybe* they will fall off...



All our cotton fabrics are certified 100% organic. In addition to being kind to mother nature, with no nasty artificial chemicals, they feel fantastic. You can also trust that the way the fabric feels the first day you wear the shirt truly represents the fabric. It hasn't been coated with chemicals to create an unnatural lustre that will wash out in a few months or preserved with irritating formaldehyde. 


Horizontal Bottom Button

Most shirts have our signature orange button hole on the bottom button. This horizontal buttonhole, just beneath the belt line, allows just a smidgen of horizontal movement while preventing vertical movement between the two sides. This combination prevents gaping between the buttons, particularly when sitting down.


Of course, our yokes are in two pieces to give a better fit and to match the contours of the fabric, our collar stiffeners are removable to avoid an ironing mark, our collars made in traditional two-piece design, and...     ...and if you would like to know more about how our shirts are made, why not give Ranga a call? (We'd be delighted for him to talk to *somebody else* about all this stuff for a change - we just think they're beautiful).